A Credit Bureau is an independent organization that compiles identity information, public
record information, statutory information and credit transaction and history information
pertaining to individuals as well as corporate entities. 

The Credit providers that have entered into a membership agreement with CIB provide data to CIB.

the Credit Information Bureau value propositions for both lenders and borrowers as it compiles data from credit providers

Consumers & Businesses
Objective assessment of Credit Application
Better Access to Credit
Quicker Reward for Responsible Credit Behavior

Financial Sector
Accurate Risk Prediction
Can Lend to Broader Risk Segment
Pricing Reflecting Individual Risk
More Accurate Information on Health of Financial Sector, enabling Better supervision

More Stable Financial Sector
Better Credit availability
Stabilized Allocation of Capital
Improved Credit Risk Management 

A Consumer Credit Report includes Information on
• Personal Details (Name, Date of Birth) & ID Details
• Address History
• Employment History
• Details of Inquiries made on your credit file (Who Inquired, When was the Inquiry Made)
• Credit Facility History
• Security Details
• Suit Filed Details
• Dishonor of Cheque Details

Corporate Credit Report includes Information on
• Firmographic Details (Registration Numbers, Entity Name etc)
• Address History
• Details of Inquiries made on your credit file (Who Inquired, When was the Inquiry Made)
• Credit Facility History
• Relationship Details (Details of Directors, Affiliate, Associate Companies etc)
• Security Details
• Suit Filed Details
• Dishonor of Cheque Details 

As a new borrower, there will be a new file created for you (as and when our Member bank
submits your information to us). It will then be in your interest to
build up a favorable repayment track record for future credit applications. 

It is preferable to check your credit report at least once a year to make sure your identity has not been compromised. It's a good idea to also check your credit report before applying for a loan, if you've been denied for credit, or if you think your identity has been stolen.

Checking Your Own Credit Report
• Now you can request for your Self-Inquiry report here! AND ensure that your Efaas Account is verified in order for the request to go through

After You Get Your Credit Report
• When you get your credit report, review it carefully. If you see any error, act right away to resolve it. You can report a dispute Here! or download the dispute resolution form Available Here! and submit it to MMA
• Also, make sure your credit report is accurate. Check for accounts you didn't open, charges you didn't make, and delinquencies you didn't cause. If you see evidence of fraud, contact MMA immediately. Your creditworthiness will follow you throughout your life and can help you financially-- or hurt you. Review your credit report carefully! 

With your consent, any CIB Member with a permissible purpose to view your credit report, can choose to do so.

It is sometimes (rarely) possible for incorrect, incomplete or outdated information to appear on your credit report. If it does, it can drastically lower your chances of getting the loans, credit cards, and other credit products you deserve. If you find an error, follow the steps indicated under dispute resolution process.

The CIB Credit Report will show credit history for the past years. CIB has mandated
that CIB will retain your credit history for 5 years. 

No. Unless you feel there are some errors in your credit report you cannot choose to delete information from your credit report. In case you find some error in the Credit Report it is advisable to follow the Dispute resolution process and the Bureau and the Member Banks will start their verification process and in case any errors are identified, this will be corrected. 

NO. CIB does not blacklist anyone. It just collects credit information and repayment records of individuals and corporates and furnishes such information to member institutions on demand.

No. CIB does not provide its opinion on the creditworthiness of any subject and does not approve or deny credit. The Credit Information Report only provides available factual credit information and does not provide any opinion, indication or comment pertaining to whether credit should or should not be granted. The credit grantors who have received an application for credit will make the credit decision.  

The Members do not provide this information to MMA and hence it will not be present in the CIR.

Not necessarily. Different credit grantors may use a Credit Information Report differently, or take into account other factors when they assess your application. Although one credit provider may deny you credit, another could take a different view and accept your application. 

CIB does not classify any accounts as default accounts. It merely reflects this information after the Member has classified it as such. The Number of Days Overdue Due and/or Asset Classification as per legal definition as submitted by Members is reflected in the CIR. 

You may contact CIB Customer support via Phone (+960 3012 164) or via email credit.bureau@mma.gov.mv


Credit Information Bureau
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